Letter to Skeptics
What God Has Joined Together
Intuition: Its Powers and Perils
A Quiet World
The American Paradox
The Pursuit of Happiness
Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith
The Pursuit of Happiness: Who is Happy, and Why?
Harper Paperbacks, 1993
David G. Myers

About This Book 
1.  What Is Well-being? 
2.  Wealth and Well-being
3.  A Satisfied Mind 
4.  The Demography of Happiness
5.  Reprogramming the Mind
6.  The Traits of Happy People
7.  "Flow" in Work and Play
8.  The Friendship Factor
9.  Love and Marriage
10. Faith, Hope, and Joy

  • David's happiness articles
  • Happiness, like cholesterol level, is a genetically influenced trait. Yet, as cholesterol is also influenced by diet and exercise, so our happiness is to some extent under our personal control. Here are some research-based suggestions for improving your mood and increasing your satisfaction with life: Suggestions for a happier life.
  • Textbook section on happiness and positive psychology (PDF) (from Myers' Psychology, 12th edition).
  • Link to happiness research web sites
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