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A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss
Yale University Press 2000
David G. Myers

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Social psychologist David Myers, a middle-aged hard of hearing person and the son of a woman deafened late in life, offers a first-person account of the hard of hearing experience. A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss tells stories of hurt, humor, and hope; explains the psychology of hearing and hearing loss; and explores the powerful new hearing technologies.


    "Psychologist Dave Myers invites us into his life to share his experiences of hearing loss. He is the perfect guide to a quiet world. He is honest and aware of the difficulties, and yet optimistic and humorous. As Dave comes to grips with his hearing loss, he has a wry, engaging sympathy for himself and his family. This book educated me in the true sense of the word. I am a different person now, with new ways to behave when I am with loved ones who are facing hearing loss."
         —Family therapist Mary Pipher, Author, Reviving Ophelia

    "Gentle, insightful, and moving...in graceful prose, sprinkled with self-deprecating humor...Myers's writing is so honest and sympathetic that one need not be dealing with a handicap to feel his optimism and inner strength."
         —Library Journal, November 1, 2000

  • Yale University press release
  • Preface
  • Opening entries
  • Induction loop systems (transforming hearing aids into loudspeakers)—the need, the rationale, the equipment.

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