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To explore David's scientific and general interest writings, pick a topic at left. Or perhaps one of these recent articles would be of interest:

  • 2017 Quartz article on politics and evangelicalism.
  • 2015 Wall Street Journal article about hearing loop technology.
  • 2012 Perspectives essay advocating marriage equality.
  • 2011 APS hearing article on harnessing the human factor in hearing assistance.
  • 2009 Perspectives essay on national secularity, individual religiosity, and human flourishing. For more data, see here.
  • 2009 Wall Street Journal essay on bridging the gay-evangelical divide.
  • 2008 Los Angeles Times essay on why we care who wins.
  • 2006 Los Angeles Times essay on President Bush's intuition, and our own.
  • 2006 Society of Personality & Social Psychology (SPSP) Presidential Symposium presentation on the red-blue divide
  • 2005 APS Observer essay on psychology and religion
  • Essays that explain his advocacy for "hearing aid compatible assistive listening" for fellow hard of hearing Americans
  • 2005 APS Observer essay on "Teaching Tips" 
  • 2004 Yes! article on nonmaterialistic secrets of happiness
  • 2004 Los Angeles Times op-ed essay on why we fear the wrong things.
  • 2004 Los Angeles Times op-ed essay on cognitive dissonance and the Iraq war
  • 2004 Holland Sentinel op-ed essay on anti-gay marriage amendments
  • Chapter on psychological science and spiritual pursuits

Articles on psychology and faith.

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